2015 Writing Round Up

‘Tis the time for goal setting and scrying into the future. Here’s a selection from around the web:

2015 Predictions

2015 Predictions – Russell Blake, Thriller Author

16 Thoughts for Authors/Publishing for 2015- aka Winners Don’t Quit! – Bob Mayer, Factual Fiction Author

Ebook Publishing Gets More Difficult from Here – Here’s How to Succeed – Smashwords Blog

2015 Writing Goals

Writing Plans for 2015 (A.k.a. ThinkKit Prompt #22) – Emma Lindhagen, SpecFic Author

Looking Ahead to 2015 – Hugh Howey, Fiction Author

Writing Plans for 2015 – me!

2014 Reflections

Indie Publishing – What I learned in 2014 – Serenity Woods, Romance Author

2014 Round-Up – JC Hart, SpecFic Author

My Spastic and Poorly Organized Looking Back at 2014 Post – Mike Grosso, Children’s Author

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