Writing my Creative Business Plan 2015

Last year, about midway through, I realised I needed a business plan. You can read about it here. This year, I adapted the business plan to suit my way of seeing the indie writing business and have ended up with the following structure.

  • Vision & Mission
    • Lifetime goal
    • Why I’m doing what I’m doing
  • Structure 
    • Roles I’m covering
    • Roles I’m outsourcing
    • Legal description i.e. sole proprietor etc.
  • Five Year Goal
    • Year by year brief summary of milestones / goals
  • Core Market
    • Genre
    • Target Group
  • Market Analysis
    • Children’s book market
    • eBook market
    • Genre market
  • Competitor Analysis
    • Success stories & why they’re successful / what they do
  • Marketing
    • Promotions
    • Distribution
    • Brand & discoverability
  • Strengths
    • Skills
    • Personal Qualities
  • Obstacles
    • What they are & how I’ll deal with them
  • Operations
    • Daily tasks that need to happen
    • Key milestones for the year
  • Income & Expenses
    • (Hard to do at this point but overview of what expenses are, and maybe instead of projected income, the income needed to meet the expenses.

I like having a plan. It helps me keep on track, gives me something to judge myself against (other than just comparing to other people) and reminds me that I CAN do this.

I used to have it saved as a slideshow, but it became cumbersome to refer back to. This year, I’ve put it in a notebook, which also has a section for marketing strategies and professional development. I’ll write about these later on in the year.

4 thoughts on “Writing my Creative Business Plan 2015

  1. Zee, great to see you have a plan coming together. I found a small business plan template and using your suggestions and some others I found trawling (or is that trolling?) the internet.

    I like the idea of having it in a notebook along with marketing / publicity stuff.

    Way to go, Zee x x


    1. Haha. I did look at the business plan on ANZ as well, but decided I wanted something more arty.

      The notebook is working for me. Plus, it’s pretty, which is obviously the most important factor lol!

      Sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of planning as well – I think I’m going to wait to finish your book (or re-read, rather) when I get the paperback.

      Zee xx


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