Living the Dream

It was my birthday last week. I find birthdays can be a good way for the soppy stuff to come out, and this birthday reflected that.

I was surprised by it, not because it was touchy-feely, but because the nature of the touchy-feelyness was about inspiration. More specifically, it was about me being an inspiration.

I was thanked for being an example of someone who was making a career out of her passion; for inspiring people I look up to through my words & positive energy, and for sticking to my guns.

I started writing creatively in January 2013. It’s been exactly two years since my fiction journey began. I’ve had a range of responses, but most people encouraged me to go for it, while exercising caution. You know, donโ€™t give up the day job, and don’t dream too big – you’ll just be disappointed.

Which was fine cause that’s how I saw it. I did allow myself to dream, but I didn’t think too much of my chances. My dream was (is) to live in a cabin on a cliff overlooking the sea, being a full time painter / writer. With cats.

Over the last few months, as I shared more of my progress and my books have been out with betas, the support is insane. There was a point just before my book release where I seriously considered giving up but realised I couldn’t – cause I’d have all of you lot telling me off!

So I guess my point is that while I feel chuffed and truly touched in being an inspiration, or a motivator, or a good example, there’s no WAY I’d be doing this without the support from everyone in my life.

I have to mention my partner specifically here, who convinced me I was good enough and fed me Tony Robbins until I caught on and had a go at this writing thing.

My point is also this: if I can do it, there is NOTHING stopping you.

9 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. like you my birthday is early January, have usually found it is too close to xmas etc to be recognised, even though my day is always 12 months apart, I seem to accept that as a result of “messages” from childhood about not expecting much at that time of year. have you ever felt that way? & simply accepted little or no expectations? hope you day was good, it seems to have been from your blog,


    1. I’ve noticed that in terms of people being around at that time, cause that’s when people are usually on holiday.

      Apart from that though, not at all! That’s partly because I don’t want a lot for my birthday. It’s usually just an excuse to get people together, or to go away for a break myself.


  2. If you have a dream and nobody is laughing at you, then you’re not dreaming big enough! – Had a teacher once who said this to me… This quote stuck with me ever since! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyways: Great post! Go after your dream! Afterall life is too short! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Best wishes,


    1. Thanks, prosepermind ๐Ÿ™‚

      Haha! Yeah, I had a few people who laughed at me, and few more that looked at me like, “Oh, the poor girl, she actually thinks she can do it!”

      All with the best of intentions, of course :p

      Thanks for your comment xx

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