Having fun with marketing – book swag & merchandise

At the end of last year, I ordered some proof copies for my first two books so I could start selling print copies. I’ll be selling them through Amazon via Blurb’s print on demand service, but I’m also keen to sell physical copies from my author website.

While I was thinking about doing giveaways, I did some research. Which meant hours trawling through other authors’ sites, and through Pinterest & Etsy. As I was doing my, uh, research, I started getting excited about merchandise options.

There are standard kind of book swag and merchandise stuff – I’ll be getting postcards done, and probably bookmarks as well – but I’m also going to do charm bracelets themed to my books, pendants themed to the book, and I’m making some glass bottle necklaces as well.

I found this post on Deborah Cooke’s site about book swag, and I love her idea of signing bookplates as a way to sign books that have already been bought, without sending it back and forth (I’m in NZ. Shipping costs aren’t fantastic).

I’m looking into the silicon wristbands, too – gotta have something for the boys! And when The Caretaker of Imagination comes out, I’ll be doing some more piratey-dragony-fantasy stuff, and I’ll probably be copying JR Frontera’s idea for custom tea blends. I’m still looking for more ideas, and looking at ways to team up with other artisans & writers.

I guess my point is that I’m having fun with marketing. Marketing sometimes feels hard, but what I’m trying to do is find the kinds of marketing that I find excitingย – chatting with people. sharing my ideas, making cool products that tie in with my books… it’s all good fun, and that’s the bottom line.

8 thoughts on “Having fun with marketing – book swag & merchandise

  1. It’s great that you’re having such fun with it! I wish I could think of something fun to do in terms of merch, but I can’t really think of what would be appropriate for it. Postcards or bookplates or something like that to sign for people who bought the eBook might be one thing though. I will be starting with PoD in a while, too. Once I find the time to do the formatting.


    1. Bookplates & bookmarks would be good – especially once you’ve got PoD going. Personally, it’d be an affordable way to get a signed copy from you.

      Another thing I’m hoping for is a short soundtrack for the book. What Stars Are Made Of is more about the ‘mood’ than the ‘plot’ and I’m hoping to get some tracks done (4 – 5) that reflect the stages of the story.

      The thing about this is that it can be a digital download AND as a physical product. Audio books are worth looking into as well ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Yeah, I might consider bookplates for the PoD run. Need to do research on that too.

        A sound track sounds awesome! Very cool indeed.

        Audio books are cool but that’s for the day when one has the cash to pay someone to do that. Am still very tempted by my nail polish idea though, haha.


        1. I love your nail polish idea. There must be some way to do that. Could you find a small beauty company or something?

          Yeah I’m hoping to rope my partner into doing the music for me. Fingers crossed. Luckily I know lots of arty people lol. Getting an actor friend to do audio – thank goodness for mates rates!!


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