The humbling process of publishing a book

Just a quickie today, about something that’s been on my mind a lot these past couple of weeks: Gosh, I’m lucky!

From Barbs’ video reading from The Caretaker of Imagination to Helen’s willingness to help me out with a book launch at the Pt Chev Bookshop & Resource Room, to Wayne’s photo showing my postcards beautifully framed, to Sherna’s volunteering to create a video of the launch and my brother building a video game for me.

And those are just at the tip of the ice berg. So many people have helped me out by beta reading at various stages, telling their friends about the book (thanks, Mum), offering me advice and sharing their experience & knowledge, and offering services and ideas that I hadn’t even thought of. My illustrator, Jane, has been particularly helpful answering all my questions, agreeing to do merchandise, and working on a special Illustrator’s Edition with me.

It’s a humbling process because it proves that I’m not on my own in this. Any success I have with my launch, this book, and my future books can be attributed only partly to my own work and talent, but moreover to all the wonderful, overwhelming support and talent of my friends and family.

I love you all!

5 thoughts on “The humbling process of publishing a book

  1. And we all love you, clearly! lol it’s awesome to have such fantastic people around you, so pleased you’ve got an amazing set of friends, family and supporters


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