The importance of breaks & outsourcing work

Last week was oh-so-unproductive. I hardly did any of my guest posts for March’s blog tour, did a tiny bit of writing that I won’t actually be using, and… that’s pretty much it.

I did sell some books though. And I saw some people. Which reminded me that it is important to stop and smell the roses. To enjoy time with the people in my life, and to invite more awesome people in; to celebrate achievements or even just to pig out on chocolate for an evening. This is life.

It’s back to business-as-usual this week, but with a difference. I’m determined to get my morning walks in because they set a good tone for the rest of the day. The to-do list has regained its rightful place (front and center / centre) and I’m letting myself get through things at a human pace.

One of my to-do’s is an idea from Joanna Penn’s latest interview about using a virtual assistant. Oddly, my mum actually brought this up the other day as well. It’s about all those little jobs that can be outsourced to other people. I’ve already begun to do this (cover design, illustration, editing, formatting & proofreading*) but I’d like to do more of this as time goes on, so I’m only left with the stuff that either I HAVE to do (like, you know, write more books) or stuff I enjoy doing (like, uh, writing more books lol).

The table is split into three areas:

  • Things I don’t like doing
  • Thinks I cannot do to a professional, quality standard
  • Things I should not do (as the boss-lady of this here operation)

I’m going to tackle this list before heading into work today. I’m curious though – what jobs do you outsource? And what jobs do other people outsource to you?

*You can see some of the people I use for these services under the new ‘services’ menu.ย This is under construction so check back in the near future for updates.

8 thoughts on “The importance of breaks & outsourcing work

  1. As I’m in my final re-writing stage, I’ve actually hired a proof reader/editor. At first the money was gnawing at me a bit, but a) you have to be willing to invest in what you are doing, (and writing is a pretty cheap thing compared to being a photographer or painter), and b) what a relief!!!!!! How great is it to send off chapter after chapter, not worrying about spelling mistakes or weird grammar rules. My proof reader catches all of that. So great. Amazing actually, to be able to move on ride on the momentum.
    PS: Reading your book and working on the questions:) xx

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    1. Oh I know! I’m so glad I took on an editor early in the process, and the more I outsource the more I see it as a worthy investment. While obviously we do our best, it’s great to know – like you said – that you don’t have to worry.

      Fantastic. I look forward to your questions and your thoughts.


  2. Have a wonderful week! Be sure to stop at a little lesser known coffee shop somewhere and enjoy the change in pace there ๐Ÿ™‚

    I outsource book design, editorial structural checks and proofreading, and my tax returns, hehe. Everything else I mostly do myself at the moment, barring the occasional email to my web hosting clients. I’ve been wanting to get a virtual assistant to reduce the other things I do (data input for expenses and income being one of the things I hate doing), but haven’t gotten round to it yet.

    Will you give us an update as you look for a virtual assistant? I’d love to read your experience as it develops!


    1. I will indeed – on both counts ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember finding an awesome little cafe halfway between here and the next town up north once.

      Oh, I can relate to the data entry stuff! Bookkeeping is high on my list of things to outsource, though I’m actually okay doing my tax returns. I have a friend who is a virtual assistant so I will have a chat with her later in the year.


  3. Hi Zee I am thinking about the idea of getting other people to sell for me, at the moment my grandson sells for me and it has worked really well. He is saving for an overseas Rugby trip.

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