My bubble of happy thoughts

The last few weeks have seen depression creeping up on me again. It culminated on the weekend when I complained that ‘nothing felt exciting anymore’.

Last night, after watching ‘Under the Dome’, my partner said I needed my own personal dome, with only me and my happy thoughts in it.

This morning, after finally getting a decent night’s sleep, I realised he was right.

Over the summer holidays I was feeling good. I’d managed to get my first book (which I see as more of a personal project) out into the world, and was working on the launch of the next one. I was enjoying my days and was generally in a good place. I looked forward to the future.

It was me and my happy thoughts. The thoughts that told me life was good, and would get even better. The thoughts that told me I am enough; that I am and will continue to be successful. The thoughts that were, perhaps, slightly delusional but kept me going.

Time to bring the bubble back 😉

10 thoughts on “My bubble of happy thoughts

    1. I received a little package in the mail recently that lifted my mood muchly!

      I’m tackling some of the stress factors, and reminding myself of all the things I have to be grateful for – which is an incredibly long list 🙂

      Thank you xx

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      1. It’s a funny thing, no matter how much positive there is in our lives, we seem to zone into the negative sometimes. For instance, if ten people tell us our book is good and one person tells us it’s rubbish, we plummet into despair and conclude it is rubbish. Why? Nine people said it was good!
        When we look at a sheet of paper that has an ink spot in the middle, we tend to see the ink spot instead of the acres of white clean paper!
        It’s a matter of training our minds to stop seeing the ink spot, stop focusing on the negative. Xxx


        1. You’re so right. We have the choice for how we see the world – there is SO much good out there, and in ourselves.

          Having said that, I’m trying to remind myself that it is okay to feel the ‘slumps’ sometimes as well xx


          1. Sometimes we just can’t help it. Then I think it helps if someone reminds us we’ve weathered it before. We’ll come through again. Xxx


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