A Writing Retreat & Historical Fiction Giveaway

One of the coolest things about being a writer is making friends with other awesome writers. Recently, I ‘met’ Lizzi Tremayne in an online writing group, and went down to Waihi for her book launch. While down there, I was treated to my own little retreat room (pictured below – isn’t it gorgeous??). It was PERFECT: a wonderful conglomeration of rest, reflection, fresh air, and creative company.20150307_125141I’m also an art journalist for an emerging online magazine called SONZA. It stands for Spotlight On the New Zealand Arts and I’m really excited about playing a part in it. I’ve done a few write ups for SONZA before, but I’ll be writing more frequently for them this year.

The reason I mention this is ’cause I recently published an interview with Lizzi on there, and she’s generously donated a signed copy of her book, A Long Trail Rolling as a prize for a giveaway! It’s a YA historical fiction with a hint of romance and strong female characters. All the details of the comp are on the website, and it’s worth reading the interview as well.

This article was first posted on my author website, zrsouthcombe.com

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